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Studio Koi Koi is a small independent game studio on Roblox trying to make the best games possible for its players.

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Competitive PvP

Boxing Beta

440M visits  ·  5.78K active  ·  770K favorites

Keep your guard up and protect yourselves at all times in this fast action boxing game!

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Physics sandbox

Ragdoll Simulator

230M visits  ·  463 active  ·  680K favorites

Explore this large physics sandbox with skydiving, towers, slides, and more!

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Our goal is to create artistically interesting games while also creating prosperity for ourselves.

Boat building survival game

Whatever Floats your Boat

65M visits  ·  69 active  ·  710K favorites

Whatever Floats your boat is a game about building a new boat and then testing your design against others. With motors, weapons, and other interactive items, you'll never know what kind of crazy antics are going to unfold.

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That's not what players want.

Whacky car physics

Don't run people over

14M visits  ·  105 active  ·  34K favorites

Drive around in this wacky car game. Proving ground for our car technology.

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Physics sandbox

Ragdoll Physics

130M visits  ·  1.84K active  ·  130K favorites

Explore this physics sandbox with grappling hooks, cars, floating, and more! A great place to socialize and hang out.

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Our team

4 Team Members

25 Years of Experience

Social quiz game

Would You Quiz

29M visits  ·  127 active  ·  170K favorites

A quiz game where you can submit your own questions and have to guess what other players have to guess what you were doing. Do you know your friends?

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Competitive PvP

Paintball League Beta

1.1M visits  ·  3 active  ·  3.6K favorites

Play this new paintball game with interesting upgrade and gun mechanics! This game is a mix of a paintball simulator game, and a FPS! Prioritizing fun movement mechanics, interesting combat with guns that feel different, and eventually a competitive scene.

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Our showcases

Canyon Height's
43K visits  ·  1.7K favorites

Explore these canyons painted with the light of the sun.

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Drone Testing
360K visits  ·  3 active  ·  1.9K favorites

Fly a drone over this beautiful area. Race to the skies.

Nyah's Apartment
1.5K visits  ·  100 favorites

Nyah's Apartment is a lighting and material study that we're using to validate the use of PBR on Roblox.

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